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August / September - 2020 

Starting the month of August, on the first, look for Jupiter and a nearly full moon in the Southeast about 1 hour after sunset.  They will be close enough to be seen in the same field of view in a pair of 10 x 50 binoculars.  Separation will be less than 3 degrees apart.  Saturn will be to their left. (East)

On August 9th, about 1 hour before sunrise, look to the South to see Mars and a nearly 3rd quarter Moon.  They will be high in the sky to the South.   Separation will be just over 1 degree.

On August 15th, again about 1 hour before sunrise, looking East, Venus will be about 3.5 degrees below a small crescent Moon. 

On August 28, about an 1hour after sunset, the Moon (5 days until full) will again be positioned just below Jupiter.  The following night look for the Moon below and to the left of Saturn.  Both evenings these will be seen in the South-Southeast.

On September 14th, around 4 am, looking to the East, a small crescent moon will be near Venus and M44 (the Beehive Cluster).

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