Henrietta Leavitt


Ms. Leavitt died on December 12, 1921, of stomach cancer at only 53 years of age.

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From:        “Henrietta Leavitt – Celebrating the Forgotten Astronomer”

                      By Gael Mariani  2012

    “When I contacted one leading UK astronomy magazine to inquire about any plans to celebrate the centenary of her (Leavitt’s) discovery, the editor’s delayed reply was: ‘It had escaped my attention that it was 100 years since Henrietta Leavitt characterized the period-luminosity relation of Cepheid variables.  Alas, we have not featured her in the magazine… Perhaps we can think about belatedly doing something, but the boat may have sailed’.

    A sad state of affairs, then.  Yet one day, perhaps, this important figure in modern astronomy will finally be given the recognition she deserves.”


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