Vera Rubin


“Rubin Observatory consists of an integrated system that combines an 8.4-meter primary mirror, the world’s largest digital camera, a complex data processing system, and an online education platform. Rubin Observatory takes advantage of new technologies to provide a qualitatively new capability for astronomy.” -


Vera Rubin also has a part of Mars named in her honor; “The Vera Rubin Ridge” on the Gale Crater. She also has an asteroid named after her; “5726 Rubin.”

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Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) – the Worlds Largest Wide-Field Telescope

Introduction to LSST

This 3.2 Gigapixel Camera will record a time-lapse of the Universe

The Worlds Largest Camera Lens

As a side note:  In 2005 Margaret & Geoffrey Burbidge were awarded the Royal Astronomical Society’s Gold Metal. Then this year on January 10th, Sandra Faber also received this esteemed Gold Medal. Sandra is now the 4th woman in astronomy to have received this award. Sandra’s work is primarily in the evolution of galaxies. She also was the key person in the design of the Keck telescope(s) installed in Hawaii.

LSST Telescope Rubin Observatory

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