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In 1996-97, we added a Linotype-Hell drum scanner and a large format Printer.  The scanner was the Tango and we were told that our order was the second one for that scanner in the U.S.  This was Tim’s area of expertise and he did a lot of scanning and printing for customers, including David Brookover.   Check out his gallery when ever you visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  David’s work is superb, you should take the time and check out his web site:


Active participation with the Denver Astronomical Society was always an important part of our outreach activities.  We enjoyed this participation until we left the Denver area in 2016, but still have many close friends there.

View of darkroom with Leica, Linhof, and  Caesar Saltzman enlargers (background), and the processing area.

Daytime Venus observing at Chamberlin.

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