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Through the years we have designed and built a number of custom instruments for various customers.  Below is a 250 mm f/11 refractor built in 2014.  We designed and built the optical tube assembly and the pier.  The mount head for this telescope was an Astro-Physics 3600 El-Capitan

In 2015, (after loosing one family member and five close friends in one year!) we decided that it was time to find dark skies and step back while we still had our health and eyesight.

After looking and driving throughout Colorado and New Mexico for well over 2 ½ years & driving more than 25,000 miles, we finally found just what we were looking for in Quemado, New Mexico.  We are enjoying this very remote, very quiet and VERY dark skies new home.

250mm f/11 refractor on an Astro-Physics 3600 El-Capitan mount.

Our Quemado property looking south.

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