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        Baader Filters and Accessories:


        DayStar Solar Filters:

        Explore Scientific:

        Tele Vue:

        Telrad Finders:

        Thousand Oaks Optical:

        Willmann-Bell  (Books):


New Mexico

        The Albuquerque Astronomical Society:

        New Mexico Tech Astronomy Club (Socorro):

        Las Cruces, Southern New Mexico: 

        Clayton, New Mexico:    (Email)

        Rio Rancho  Astronomical Society:

        MAS Magdalena Astronomical Society:


        Colorado Springs Astronomical Society:

        Denver Astronomical Society:

        Longmont Astronomical Society:

        Western Colorado Astronomy Club (Grand Mesa):    


Observatories in New Mexico

        Very Large Array (VLA) Radio Telescope:

        Apache Point Observatory:

        Sloan Digital Survey Telescope:


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