Garage / Shop Build

After closing down the store in Colorado we moved to New Mexico.

We needed to build a shop area for Custom Builds, repairs, service and storage.

Starting the process:

Rough plumbing for this new building, estimating possible future needs, was completed in December 2016

Because we are so remote, finding someone to do the concrete work was quite a challenge indeed!  And because the first contractor was an absolute disaster, it took a bit over a year to get the concrete monolithic-pad poured.

The people that finally were able to do the work; including the grade, forms, rebar and concrete, started at the end of May 2017.  They were really great at what they do and very pleasant to boot.  Oh, by the way, they came in from Socorro, 110 miles away, as did the plumber.

Concrete Pour: June 1, 2017.  

Tim and I built the steel structure over a period of the next two or three months. 

Final inspection: Sept. 2017



Forms Laid for Shop Slab


Structure going up


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