A 25cm Custom Refractor

In the summer of 2013, Tim was asked to consult on an observatory project.  

The project would include a custom built 10” Refractor.

‍ Photo shows the bulk of the machined parts for the tube.


Final tasked too:

Design, Build, install and train for this 10” scope.

Beautiful design, and great performance.

Watch for a more thorough detailed accounting on this instrument in this area of our web site.

Two scopes in one

Tim’s passion is designing, building and…  

That being said, he has been involved in many and of a wide variety of projects throughout his life.

We had a Takahashi FS 152 refractor for several years.  It was mounted on a Takahashi EM200.  In early 2011 another 152 came into the store on consignment.  The two focal lengths were identical. 

The first word out of Tim’s mouth was…

‍ “Binoculars”!!!      For three or MORE months I said NO!!!

‍ His mental gears would not stop…

We will write, in much greater detail, about the history of this project.

Her name would become “Surati-Maya”.

Keep coming back to find out more about the outcome.

P.S. Tim is still alive (:>)


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