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In late 1982, we moved to the Brookridge Shopping Center (still in Englewood, Colorado).  We kept the optical bench, but sold the aluminizing chambers.

In 1983, we added Leica Cameras, and many more binoculars and spotting scopes.  In 1984, we expanded the store space and set up a planetarium (16’ dome) and a rental darkroom.  The darkroom offered both Black & White as well as Color.  We also processed and printed per customer requests.  By the End of 1985 we added Linhof to our line of cameras.
We sold Clave’ eyepieces and in 1984 we went to  Paris to meet with Mr. S. R. Clave’.  After that visit we became the U.S. distributor for S.R. Clave’, selling many of his eyepieces and their other optical items as well. 

After Halley’s Comet faded, interest in the planetarium severely dwindled and so early 1988, we removed the planetarium and shrunk back the store a bit.  The rental darkroom was our working showroom for the Leica and Linhof enlargers and the Jobo Processing Equipment.  Beside Leica and Linhof enlargers we had a 5 x 7 Caesar Saltzman with cold light head.  We used a 10 x 10 Saltzman Color Separator for Dye-Transfer printing, however this was NOT part of the rental darkroom.  The Black and White darkroom remained a viable part of our business until digital surpassed it.  We closed the darkroom around 2006.

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